'The Dead Kitties - Shut The Fuck Up And Play Me The Damn Blues!'

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I have been working on a music project over the summer and fall and am just about done! I just need to do the vocals and a few finishing touches but it is mostly finished as-is. I have decided to release three tracks that I like a lot. Look for the rest of the album around X-mas or the early New Year. The concept for this iteration of The Dead Kitties is obviously The Blues, something I have been emphatically fond of since I was a young child. Though I am no scholar of blues fundementals, nor am I a snob, I have tried to stay somewhat true to the sub genres I drew inspiration from while still attempting something new and raw with my own twists and takes. All music on this page is written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by yours truely, Matthew Anthony Rodriguez. I hope you like it but even if you do not, just shut the fuck up and play me the damn blues!

A Shot To The Face

Stop Bein Mean

Outro Blues