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So.. What the hell are you doing here, anyways?

Well now that you are here I guess I should say hello. I am Matt. Some of the things you will find here include various tidbits, gizmos and projects of mine. The Dead Kitties are my current music project. The latest iteration 'Shut The Fuck Up And Play Me The Damn Blues' is nearly complete and two instrumental versions of songs can be found in the link. The Message Boards are a place for passive discussions of all type. There is also a simple image classifier AI, a Deep Neural Net I built and trained to crudely classify images. Try it out!

Still need to do vocals for DK.. Full instrumental version of album should be up soon though!
Message boards have seen some ~900 bots and random accounts sign up. 5 messages have been posted, all spam. Going to make it invite only and then clear all the spam accounts
Will post link to WSB Sentiment NLP but would rather deploy it on an Ec2 instance if I have time. Have another big project that has started up..
..I have started the process of standing up an 'AI-Assisted North American Mesoscale Forecast Model'. Keeping it very vague about this, as I am still only in data aquisition and processing phase, but expect a fully deployed stack with complete web-UI in the next 4-6 months.. This is a very ambitious project, stay tuned!
Currently The Dead Kitties are still needing various vocals and a couple leads.. More to come..
The Message Boards are up and running. Currently have a MyBB stack spun up on an Ubuntu AWS Ec2 instance.
The Image Classifying DNN is live as well.. Backend Python code for the model is created and trained with the PyTorch libraries.
Keeping it brief with the log statement here but more to come..

National Weather Service, Salisbury MD

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